Welcome to 2017 South Central CYC Golf

Important Announcements

1. We will only be playing 5 rounds of golf this year due to the prolonged flooding at some of the golf courses.

2. The league is changing the policy of requiring 5 rounds and going to the best 4 out of 5 rounds to qualify for the playoffs.

3. The restriction for a where sub round is played is gone.
Logic dictates that this needs to be done. Golfers should just try to get 5 rounds played if that means they play twice at Tower Tee and 3 times at Riverside Par 3 - they would all be accepted for the 5 rounds of golf and I would say the same for the 7th and 8th-grade golfers.

4. As of May 24, the Kirkwood Family Golf rounds that had been moved to Riverside Par 3 have been moved back to Kirkwood Family Golf on Saturday, May 27th.

5. Everything that has been rescheduled has been updated on the Master schedules that can be found on www.southcentralcycgolf.com

COURSE STATUS [5/24/2017]

OPEN - Tower Tee Front [TTF]
OPEN - Tower Tee Back [TTB]
OPEN - Forest Park Highlands [FPH]
OPEN - Crescent Farms Colt [CP3]
OPEN - Crescent Farms Front Nine [CF9]
OPEN - Riverside Par 3 [RP3]
OPEN - Kirkwood Family Golf [KFG]
CLOSED - Riverside Front Nine [RF9]
CLOSED - Sunset Hills Front Nine [SF9]


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South Central District Championships

The top 8 individual golfers for each grade and gender qualified to play in the South Central District Championship matches held on June 17 at Forest Park Highlands and Family Golf Center in Kirkwood. Click on the link on the left side menu for the tournament results and photos.

Archdiocesan and Team Championships

The top team in each grade and gender qualified to play in the Archdiocesan Team Championship matches held on June 18 at Pheasant Run. Results are posted using the link on the left side menu. Thanks to the West County CYC District for hosting the event.

The top 4 individual finishers at the South Central District Championship qualified to play in the Archdiocesan Individual Championships held on June 26 at Eagle Springs. Those results are also available on the left side menu. Thanks to the North County CYC District for hosting this years event.

Important Reminders

Please remember that due to the length of the course and the varying start times there is a 2 hour 30 minute time limit on the longer courses Riverside front 9, the Highlands, Crescent Farms front 9 and Colt, or Sunset Hills front 9.

The 2 hour time limit DOES apply to all other courses par 3 courses -- Riverside Par-3, Tower Tee Front and Back, and Kirkwood Family Golf.

Players arriving late may not be allowed to join play. It is important to arrive at the course and check in with your coach 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TEE TIME. The starters will begin to fill all unused positions with substitutes on a first come - first served basis. When the course is full we cannot accept additional players. If you do join late you will receive max score for all holes that were missed.

Course Codes

CourseId Description
CF9 Crescent Farms - Front 9
CP3 Crescent Farms - Colt
FPH Forest Park - Highlands
KFG Family Golf Par 3
RF9 Riverside Front 9
RP3 Riverside Par 3
SF9 Sunset Hills Front 9 (Sunset Hills - used to be Sunset Lakes, next to Tapawingo)
TTB Tower Tee Back 9
TTF Tower Tee Front 9