Hole-in-one Club

Abbie Cannon - Holy Redeemer - 6th Grade
As I was approaching hole number 8 at the Riverside Golf Course I looked at the ball and it said HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. Then I looked up to tee my ball thinking it would be a normal shot. After I went and took a practice swing I aimed for the hole. Taking a deep breath you heard the sound of the club hitting the ball and by then it was up and off in the air. As I looked up in the air it seemed as if it was heading toward the left sand bunker it ended up ono the green and bounced a couple times before it went in.
‚ÄčI turned around thinking it would be by the flag and then I heard everyone shout then I looked at the green and did not see my ball. By then I ran right toward my dad gave him a big hug and started crying. Tears of joy came running down my face. I felt so happy and the feeling of a 12 year old girl having that grand of a shot is better than almost anything in the world.
‚ÄčThis grand day will always be remembered in the family as a day of thanks to the Lord for giving me such a great opportunity to go and show my great talent He provided for me.
Kal Myers - Our Lady of the Pillar -5th grade
Hole-in-One - Riverside Par 3 - Hole Number 4
Sat., April 25th

Congratulations Kal!
Beecher - Our Lady of the Pillar - Hole-In-One
Beecher Baldwin (8th grade from Old Lady of the Pillar) hit an 8 iron into the wind on the 132 yard hole #7 at Sunset Hills on 4/26/15 for a hole-in-one.

Congratulations Beecher!
Ricky Klein - St. Paul - 5th Grade
"The ball landed two inches from the hole and rolled right in," exclaimed Ricky as he retells of getting his first hole in one. The 86 yard shot was made with a 9-iron on the 8th hole at the Kirkwood Family Golf Center on 5/31/14. What made it extra special is that everyone around witnessed it too!

Congratulations Ricky
Ben Roth - Saint Gerard Majella - 6th Grade
Ben used a 5 Iron from 110 yards on the 5th Hole at Family Golf Center on 4/26.

Congratulations Ben
Luke Bauer - Mary Queen of Peace - 5th Grade
Luke used a 7 Iron from 94 yards on the 1st Hole at Family Golf Center on 5/18.

Congratulations Luke
Taylor French - Westminster Christian Academy - 7th Grade
June 8, 2012 - Highlands Golf and Tennis Clun - Hole #2 - 115 yards
(in the District Championships)

Taylor hit a wonderful high arching ball that landed 4-5 feet shy of the hole, landed softly and rolled gently into the cup. The shot was witnessed by quite a few people but unfortunately Taylor never saw it go in. She indicated that after she saw it land she was thinking "I should have a short put" and turned around to put her club in her bag. Her playing partners yelled "It's going in!" but by the time she got turned around it was already in the hole.
Doug Koller - Our Lady of Lourdes - 6th Grade
April 28, 2012

In his first round of the 2012 season, Doug, rolled his tee shot in on the 76 yard 8th hole at Tower Tee. He said, "Once it got on the green I thought it had a chance." His mother was one of the excited witnesses.

Way to go, Doug.
Jake Anthony - Ste Genevieve DuBois - 5th Grade
May 21, 2011

Jake hit his hole-in-one on the 2nd hole at Kirkwood Family Golf. When asked about his shot he said, "I used a 7-iron but only swung half way. The ball bounced, then rolled, and curved right in."

Congratulations, Jake.
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Blake Gierse - 7th Grade, Westminster
In the first round of the season, Blake used a 7 iron on number 3 at Kirkwood to knock it over the water and in.

Spencer Cox - 6th Grade, St. Alban Roe
Playing a rain make-up round on May 31, Spencer got off to a fantastic start with an ace on number 1.